• April 2, 2010

Honda 2010 Hybrid Music Festival Events

2010 Hybrid Music Festival Events

Honda has decided to carry out an extensive marketing policy to help support the environment while selling their products. This can be done with a hybrid vehicle which they plan to sell out soon during the Honda 2010 Hybrid Music Festival Events.

Photo by ArtistOnline

“We have found that Honda customers are as passionate about the environment as they are great music,” said Tom Peyton, who is the senior manager of Honda national advertising. “Honda’s 2010 Hybrid Music Festival Events allow our company to merge two worlds our owners care deeply about in a fun and socially responsible way.”

Honda is going to be a part of the Sasquatch Music Festival and they are going to promote awareness about environmental concerns for the young people visiting the concert. A lot of people are going to be pulled into this because excellent bands are all set to make a performance. This includes an entire range of indie rock bands like Massive Attack, Vampire Weekend and My Morning Jacket among others.

This is quite an interesting way of ensuring that all the young concert goers know more about the process of why it is important to use hybrid vehicles with less emission and this will help create better awareness.

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