• July 22, 2013

Honda and Team Dynamics Bring Out Fastest Mower Machine

Fastest Mower MachineThe word Honda is synonymous with innovative technology and Honda is now trying to be among the top innovative automakers of its time. The Japanese automaker has decided to join hands with British Touring Car Championship BTCC partner Team Dynamics to create the world’s fastest lawn mower that will help many users that love to keep their gardens clean. Honda said that they always believed in creating something better and using their technologies in the right way. This time they have decided to team up with Team Dynamics to launch a super fast mower that looks sleek but still offers the same kind of mowing experience.

Honda has named this machine Mean Mower that delivers a great mowing experience but with faster speed. The automaker claims that the machine will retain its original look as it was earlier and it still had the capability to cut grass but this time the Mean Mower will have the ability to reach top speed of 130 mph and accelerates zero to 60 mph in just 4 seconds with a roar that touches 130dB. Honda claims that this is going to be an exclusive machine that really performs on the grass and on the road as well.

Fastest Mower Machine

To bring this machine to life Team Dynamics redesigned and re-engineered the Honda HF2620 Lawn Tractor and came up with all new fabricated chassis which is strong, safe and lightweight. The machine is powered by 1000cc engine that produces 109 hp and which is earlier used on Honda VTR Firestorm along with bespoke suspension and wheels that are usually used for an ATV. The vehicle also has cutter deck that is made from custom made fiber glass that reduces the weight and super fast mower that is connected to two electric motors and that spins 3mm steel cutting cable at 4000 rpm. The machine can cut the grass at 15 mph double the speed of the original Mean Mower vehicle.

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