• March 4, 2010

Honda CBR600 as the Used Bike of the Year

Honda CBR600 as the Used Bike of the Year

Honda CBR600

The legendary CBR600 has been awarded with the title of being the most used machine of the year. This category has been respected through statistics and data collected through the trade respected British New awards.

Photo by Richard Crawford Photography

The British Dealers New Industry Awards are now at their 7th year with the result of above 500 motorcycle dealerships coming across throughout UK. There have been 7 different voting categories that have brought the different categories of vehicle usages into play. The Honda CBR600 was launched way back in 1987 with incredible changes being brought to the way bikes have been used in UK.

UK motorcyclists have favored this bike since those days and the new revolution has come over with class as well as continued development in the model. This has helped it to stay on top of all the models that have been used in UK since long.

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