• March 4, 2010

Honda CR-Z Pricing

Honda CR-Z

The new pricing for Honda CR-Z would be available for dealers from this week. The very 1st cars would be delivered to the market from June with the 3 specified levels being brought with proper monthly expenses.

Photo by Justin Kane

Honda UK has come up with the new competitive pricing as well as impressive specifications that have brought the new order with the CR-Z hybrid coupe.

From these the customers can order through a wide range of dealers that work with the Honda network. The very first hybrid coupe of Honda that started looking like a great car made exceptional driving facilities that could make advanced benefits with low pricing technology.

Honda’s petrol electric IMA system has got several features with the right driving modes being experienced. The benefits of this car are many and the driving modes allow the adapter setting to bring suitable needs to maximize the economy through this car.


  • This model looks like a ferrari. Am sure they will be expensive as hell. But yea if i get money i will buy me one!

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