• February 25, 2010

Honda EU3000i Handi Portable Generator

EU3000i Generator

Honda EU3000I Handi Portable generator earns the title of being one of the most innovative products of the time. The prestigious award of 2009 has been given to this product being officially declared to be one of the most Innovative Product Award.

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The 1st place to be generated in the Rental Equipment Register magazine, this product has got raving reviews. There have been industrial products of many kinds that had been nominated for this spot, but the Handi Portable generator has won the highest impression in being one of the most innovative and helpful products coming to the rental industry. RER editors have reviewed and tested all the nominated products and worked with the different functions of the industrial products to come to this conclusion.

The RER Innovative Product Award was developed in 2003 to honor the excellence in each new product that came to aid rental industry. The awards came to be given to the magazine’s selected and most innovative products bringing the best in this industry.

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