• December 30, 2008

Honda’s FC Sport and FCX Clarity

With the launch of its 2009 FCX at LA auto show 07, Honda clarified its concept for hydrogen fuel vehicles. At present this production ready vehicle has been leased a selected customers’ group.

The company has tried to retrieve itself by introducing the Honda FC Sport, one year back and it was basically a new interpretation of the FCX Clarity as sports vehicle.

The FCX Clarity has been hyped as totally unique car, but still it is quite similar to different Honda sedans. It resembles other Honda Sedans, but obviously it’s not like other Honda’s vehicles.

Though FC Sport and FCX Clarity have the similar sort of basic shape, you would find the FCX Clarity rounded and smooth, while the FC Sport takes sharp looks with straight lights.

This styling has been made to represent the performance orientation of this vehicle. In the FCX Clarity it has been shown how the concept of a hydrogen-fuel car can become practical and easy to use, whereas the FC Sport tries to show the performance orientation of an electrically driven car.

According to Honda, the basic idea behind the FC Sport design was to present the possibilities of an electric supercar that utilized the power of electric motor.

A triangular way (quite similar to McLaren F1 supercar) for the passengers sitting has been introduced in this FC Sport.


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