• May 20, 2011

Honda has Unveiled First Image of CR-Z MUGEN

Honda is famous for its innovative and stylish vehicles and designs state-of-the-art vehicles according to the demands and requirements of customers. That’s the reason people trust this multinational brand and prefer to choose its branded vehicles when it comes to preference. Guess what’s new from the house of Honda? It’s sky-scraping in performance Hybrid Coupe CR-Z MUGEN. You might be excited to know that Honda has unveiled the very first image of this much awaited Hybrid. CR-Z MUGEN is still in the phase of development and those who love Hybrid cars are desperately waiting for this expected to be stylish and stunning model with enhanced fuel efficiency.

When the tests were conducted on the prototype of CR-Z, it performed brilliantly and come up with fantastic and exciting results and its half tuned engine yielded 0-60mph result. When the stage 1 engine was tested with 15 per cent amplified power with the reduction of over 50kg weight from the chassis, on the whole performance was superb and met MUGEN’s original targets.

Colin Whittamore from MUGEN Euro said, “Early fuel consumption tests have also been encouraging, we’ve retained the three driving modes from the standard car and economy ranges from 50+mpg in ‘eco’ mode to mid-30 mpg when tapping into the supercharged power in a special ‘MUGEN’ mode.”

Honda CR-Z MUGEN is an all rounder Hybrid which is not only stylish and stunning but also fuel efficient. Honda is on the way to keep with its words about delivering an eco friendly hybrid car in order to meet the expectations of Performance seekers and those who always remain concerned about environment.

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