• December 4, 2008

Honda Insight: A new petrol saving machine

Honda Insight will be the first car to use Honda’s newly developed Ecological Drive Assistance System. The car has been especially designed to make mileage of hybrid even better.

The thing that you may find as its one of the most interesting features is a speedometer that changes color to driving fuel-efficient with immediate guidance.

If you are not in hurry and sailing smooth on highways, the speedo will show you all green, it shows light blue when you sharply slow down or speed up. If you show a genuine lead foot, it will turn dark.

If you drive well for some time, the digital leaves will appear of the screen of the car to appreciate you and they will be more and more as your efficiency gets better and better.

Isn’t it a nice way to provide you a long term feedback for your better driving performance?

It also allows you to get complete details of driving statistics with its optional HDD InterNaviSystem, but it’s available only in Japan so you don’t.

You can get these statistics in the car as well as online with suggestion to boost fuel economy further.

You will be able to see the new Honda Insight on roads early in 09.


  • Honda car is petrol saving machine.

  • Nice! looking car with hybrid technology. the most most important aspect which i like is the “SPEEDO”

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