• March 16, 2010

Honda Marine: Award-Winning Engine Technology and Environmental Commitment

Honda Marine

Who does not know the name of Honda? Even those who have never used anything from that stable, people still know the name.

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The company has become bywords in many different spheres and that includes cars, to bikes and other kinds of equipment as well. In 1960, history was created, when Honda, for the first time, launched the four stroke outboard motor which was called the GB30.

Today that company makes the highest number of engines in the whole world. In the year 2009, Honda sold over 23 million engine units all over the world. The high standards have been maintained because of the engineers in Honda who have always worked hard to ensure the fact that Honda always retains its quality when it comes to making equipment.

Some of the most popular cars from then are Accord, the Odyssey, the CR-V and so on.

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