• July 2, 2010

Honda Marine with New Introductions

Honda Marine has now released and redesigned their BF 115 Outboard Engine. This is a very powerful release and the sales pricing and the rest of the information are being made available now. The manufacturers of this new machine have suggested a retail price of $12,818 with special improvements on the technology of this aspect. The new mechanism would deal with better fuel efficacy along with quiet operation and more valuable inputs.

Photo by webmaster2004

The Honda dealers would be bringing the new machines that are focused on low emission along with 4-stroke legendary outboard engine processes. The derivations are from inline 4-cylinder liter. There is a DOHC engine platform with new usages coming through the award winning possibilities from Accord automobile. Accord has been one of the most popular displacement engines which has been cost effective and have come with outstanding performances.

The engine has been coupled with advanced technologies along with fresh incorporations. This is leading for a classic performance that is reliable and great. There are holeshot and acceleration techniques that are bringing dramatic improvements with advance ignition and spark timing. Hammer down acceleration features along with exclusive BLAST system are some of the most important points that are coming through Engine Control Module or ECM feature.

The next steps for increased performances along with injector timing have been creating better potentiality for air or fuel mixture. ECM has been some of the most effective fuel efficacy generators. There have been reduced fuel consumption by 19% with the new deals.

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