• July 14, 2012

Honda N BOX + – A Review

Honda has recently announced its new mini vehicle, N BOX +. The vehicle is the second model of N series. The N Box + has a stylish exterior. The interior is comfortable and has got plenty of storage space. The engine is powerful and is expected to give outstanding performance. Let’s have a look at some of its remarkable features.

Exterior Styling

N Box Plus exhibits a stunning exterior.The body and roof are designed with 2-tone color style.

Interior Styling

The interior is designed with two innovative ideas

  1. The “Universal Bridge” unites a sloped floor and an attachable aluminum slope.
  2.  The “Multi-space System ” makes versatile space arrangements with three special sized boards.

Both these ideas are used to enhance the storage capacity inside the vehicle. The vehicle can accommodate more passengers and loading and unloading of the luggage is easy.

Universal Bridge uses a center tank layout with sloping the low floor. Also, aluminum floor is available as an option to make a bridge between the ground and vehicle floor. So, that you can easily load heavy luggage.

The Multi- Space System allows you to set your vehicle into several arrangements according to your requirements like cargo mode or a bed mode.

High Performance Engine

The vehicle is powered by A DOHC Turbo engine which is capable of giving high performance. Continuously Variable Transmission with high power efficiency makes it more fuel economic. The stop system and ECON mode system are its versatile features.

Safety and Security

Advanced safety and security systems are added for your protection. They include

  •  Installation of mirrors to eliminate blind spots around the left-front wheel
  •  Vehicle Stability Assist system
  •  Hill Start Assist
  •  Driver-side i-SRS airbag system and SRS airbag system for front passenger
  •  Impact-mitigating headrests in the front seat


The N Box + will be available at dealerships across Japan on July 6, 2012.

So, let’s wait for the amazing new vehicle Honda N Box Plus to come to your dealer shops.

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