• March 22, 2013

Honda Offers Most Cars for California HOV Carpool Lanes

California HOV Carpool LanesHonda is taking the car competition to the next level as the company offers four vehicles that are now eligible for the California Carpool Lane Access. Honda made an announcement that they will offer four vehicles that are eligible for single occupant access to California’s HOV carpool lanes. Honda claims that they are the only automaker at the moments that are providing the most number of cars for the HOV carpool lane. Honda revealed that their new cars, Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid, Honda Civic Natural Gas, Honda Fit EV and Honda FCX Clarity have been selected for the California HOV carpool lane access.

While making the announcement Honda said that with four new vehicles they provide the most of any automaker providing single occupancy access to California carpool lanes. The company said that they are not only just creating cars but also providing tremendous opportunities to the consumers that can allow them to save time and money and also cut down the environmental footprint. Honda stated that they are proud that they have worked towards achieving this goal and have offered a wider portfolio of alternative fuel vehicles in various styles and sizes which makes it convenient for the consumers to decide what kind of cars they want to drive.

Honda also claims that the 2014 Honda Hybrid Plug-in sedan is the most fuel efficient sedan in America with 115 mpge fuel economy rating. The sedan is also the first and the only vehicle in the US to clear SULEV20 emissions standard. On the other hand, Honda is also the only manufacturer that provides CNG powered vehicle which is an ideal car for daily commuter. The car offers 190 miles per tank and offers some of the best interior features that make the commuting experience better. Both Honda Fit EV and FCX Clarity offer zero emission driving experience to the consumers.

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