• July 27, 2009

Honda Proposes Fit Engine to Replace Classic Formula Ford

Honda FF EngineThe new Honda proposal is all about a Formula Ford celebration. The occasion of 40th birthday will happen this weekend at Road America. The stepping-up will happen with the proposal of the new engine for the entry-level open wheeled classic. The Kent has been using 1.6 liters since its inception and it is now time to move it down.

The weekend at Elkhart Lake saw a lot of celebrations. There has been a huge showing off for the 2009 Fit installed in a Swift DB 1 FF chassis. The mill is fuel injected, electronically controlled and requires less maintenance as compared to the Kent. There has been a lot of American approving for its powerful presence and great uses. The Sports Car Club of America, for instance, has approved of the Honda powerplant with the wholesome kit involved with it. Here the base would include the L15A7 engine and the mounting hardware which would be selling for $12,000.

Honda Proposes Fit Engine

The old Kent engine will probably be lingering for longer period of Formula Fords and Formula Vees. They are still in running condition and could signal for the beginning of a whole new time frame of cars and engineering. The Honda Performance Development Inc. has already proposed entry for the prototype debuts to be held at the 40th anniversary celebration.

Source: autoblog

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