Honda Provides 2013 Fit EV to Google and Stanford University

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Honda Electric Vehicle Demonstration Program is among the most noteworthy project of Honda. According to this program, Honda has recently provided 2013 Fit EV to Google Inc. and Stanford University Automotive Research. In the USA, members of Honda Electric Vehicle Demonstration Program are very first receivers of 2013 Fit EV. Every member is doing general testing and provides particular feedback about the preface of upcoming vehicles.

2013 Fit EV

Honda Introduced 2013 Fit EV in Los Angeles Auto Show of 2011. This stylish and performance driven car is powered by 20-kWh lithium ion battery and electric motor of 92-kW co-axial. User can easily recharge its battery within 3 Hrs from 240-Volt circuit.

Purpose of Honda Electric Vehicle Demonstration Program

Vice President of the Environmental Business Development Office at American Honda Steve Center said, “The goal of the Honda Electric Vehicle Demonstration Program is to better understand the challenges and opportunities associated with the advancement in battery-electric technology. Honda has a long history with electric vehicles beginning with the introduction of our first battery-electric car, the EV Plus, nearly 15 years ago. Honda’s experience and the unique feedback that Google, Stanford University and the city of Torrance will provide will be valuable to the future introduction of battery-electric technology.”

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