• July 7, 2012

Honda Shines with Perfection in Sales Record for June 2012

June was a lucky month for Honda, after 2008 its net sales record shows prominent improvement and this major percentage of profitability is added by Honda CR-V and Acura RDX. 124, 808 units of Honda were sold in June 2012 that means an increase of 48.8%. American Honda executive vice president of sales John Mendel said, “With robust inventories and great customer demand, it feels good to be back in the race. The strong performance of our core models, including another record-breaking month for the CR-V, demonstrates the fundamental competitiveness of Honda products.”

Honda CR-V shines in this sales record with 23.282 units, in comparison to June 2012 this sales record tremendous increase by 50%. Similarly Honda Accord also showed a remarkable increase in sales with a 80% increase as compared to last year.

Acura surprised the sales analyst as it topped the maximum sales of 2007 and after 2007 its sales showed prominent profitability. The RDX also contributed positively, this compact luxury SUV was among the best selling brands in May 2012 and again it followed it’s foot prints for success with sales record of 3,090 units. TL and TLX models of Acura achieved a record increase in sales by 47 % and 44% which is a healthy sign. Vice President of Acura sales Jeff Conrad said, “The weather may be too hot in many parts of the country, but Acura sales are continuing to heat up. With our light trucks setting records and our volume sedans showing major increases, it’s going to be a great summer for Acura.”

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