• November 22, 2013

Honda to Unleash a New Production Model in December

Honda VEZELHonda, one of the most popular automobile manufacturers of the globe, has revealed that it is working on a planned production model named VEZEL, which will offer the most outstanding features to car lovers in the coming months. The vehicle will be showcased during the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, which will open for general public on this Saturday and will close on December 1, 2013.

More information about the vehicle will be given in a press event on December 19, 2013 and the VEZEL will be on sale on the next day, December 20, 2013 in Japan.

Honda has combined features and values of different vehicles in the VEZEL and it is expected to be a completely new model. As per reports, the VEZEL possesses the elegance of a coupe, the functionality of a minivan and the dynamic qualities of an SUV.

The VEZEL has an extremely attractive exterior, having the coupe-like styling in its upper body and SUV-like stability in its lower body. Extremely sharp character lines have been used to combine these two different kinds of styling, which has resulted in a fascinating exterior design.

Other than that, the front seats of the vehicle offer a lot of personal space to passengers like in a coupe; whereas, the rear seats are extremely comfortable with superb elbowroom and modern functionality just like a high-class minivan.

Both gasoline and hybrid models will be on sale in Japan. While the gasoline model will have a 1.5 liter direct injection engine, customers will enjoy a SPORT HYBRID i-DCD (Intelligent Dual Clutch Drive) in the hybrid model with a 1.5 liter direct injection engine.

Honda VEZEL Interior

Both these models will offer brilliant fuel economy as well as driving performance due to the new-generation powertrain technologies.

The exterior design of the VEZEL has been made available on Honda’s website.

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