• June 22, 2011

Honda Unveiled its Global Environmental Slogan

Environmental pollution is increasing at an alarming rate and the major contribution is by the vehicles on the road which adds a lot to it. Majority of the automobile companies claims that they produce environment friendly vehicles but only a few ones are able to meet the standards of environment protection agencies.

Today Honda Motor Co. Ltd issued the 2011 Annual Environmental Report with an aim to realize the Environmental vision of Honda parallel to the pleasure and liberty of mobility as well as sustainable civilization so that people can live with freedom and enjoy their life. In this context, Honda has formulated the 2020 targets of CO2 emissions reduction in order to concentrate on the vital issues of business management regarding the change of climate and issues of energy crisis.

Global Environmental Slogan of Honda-“Blue Skies for Our Children”

Honda also unveiled its global environmental slogan i.e. Blue Skies for Our Children, this slogan reflects the philanthropic concern of Honda and its concern towards the environmental pollution. Honda has raised this slogan in order to express its positive commitment towards the improved concern for environment globally. This new global environment slogan of Honda will be employed with external as well as internal activities of Honda and will be communicated all around the globe. The slogan “Blur Skies for Our Children” shows that Honda is extremely caring and concern towards the children and wants to provide them a clean and healthy environment free from pollution.

Environmental Vision of Honda

Environmental Vision of Honda is “Realizing the joy and freedom of mobility and a sustainable society where people can enjoy life.”

Honda’s Concern towards Environment-A Flashback

Honda always strive to produce the environment friendly vehicles and set targets by itself and try its level best to meet them fruitfully. In addition, Honda also adopts a practical approach towards the activities of ecological protection.

2006: Honda set targets to reduce worldwide CO2 emission by 10 percent in 2006, from the utilization of bikes, automobiles and power products by the end of 2010 in comparison to 2000 level. As a result, in 2010 Honda successfully attained its goals for all of its products.

2011: Now Honda has increased its targets by 30% in 2011 and aims to reduce the CO2 emissions by 30% from its worldwide products till the end of 2020 in comparison to level of 2000. A part from this, Honda has aimed to reduce the CO2 emissions from its overall corporate activities.

Total Energy Management: Honda also aims to utilize its energy to make best use of state-of-the-art technologies in the area of Total Energy Management in order to lessen CO2 emissions from daily life of people.

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