• April 3, 2012

Honda will Present U3-X Concept Mobility in “Getting Around” Exhibition

From man made machines to artificial intelligence wonders of technology are doing a lot for our daily life and routine activities. Consider the life of your ancestors and compare it with your own life, you will find a visible difference especially in terms of ease, comfort and convenience which is the gift of technology. Tech-based companies are doing their best to bring ease with simplicity in human lives and this time Honda has come up with another wonder of modern technology which is bit unusual i.e. U3-X.

For the very first time, U3-X Personal Mobility Concept appeared in France and now it will be presented in an exhibition from 4th April -26 August at Museum of Architecture and National Heritage. A creative R&D team of Honda develops this innovative and distinctive device which is the perfect blend of man and machine.

U3-X Personal Mobility Concept can repeat the movements of humans and their walking style, it is merely based on balance control technology which is the sole of ASMIO. ASMIO is a sensor that identifies the proclivity of the device as per weight division of person who use it, as a result it detects the human intention regarding speed and direction. It’s Omni Traction Drive System makes it move in all directions and it’s mono-wheel structure worked perfectly with weight distribution.

The weight of U3-X has been just 10 kg, it is extremely portable and easy to move device with folding seats. This wonderful device will be presented in “Getting Around” exhibition and it will exhibit before visitors how easily is to move around while saving space and using such mean of transportation that was used by our forefathers. U3-X is based on the concept of man and motion.

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