• September 28, 2009

Honda with All-time Tested August Record in Asia

Honda CarHonda has had the highest production in auto numbers in Asia and China this august. The recent report summarization states that the automobile production has increased dramatically in Japan with export sales coming to be of great results.

The August report has been one of the most experienced in terms of increase in sales month. The last such increase took place in November 2008. The August report has been quite an all time record setting one so far. The worldwide production for Honda cars has increased since the last one whole year. The rise has been in July 2009 but more so in August 2009.

Sales of mini-vehicles have had increase since a year. The 2nd best selling car model for Honda, has been with one of the highest sales records of 10,927 units within August 2009. The car sales has been freed up in rapid escalation with some of the best selling cars from Honda making some of the greatest sales in the leagues of 7,900 and 4,917 each. Both inside and outside Japan this increase took place in a great way.

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