• September 13, 2009

Honda with the New Dual Clutch Transmission

Honda, with the new dual clutch transmission, uses the large-displacement Sports Bikes, is being expected to develop into a fully automated motorcycle. This is going to be world’s first displacement motor sports bike with the new grand developments coming along its way.

 sCredit: world.honda

This fully automated bike will be superior in quality with dual transmission and will emphasize on easy operation and proper riding enjoyment. It delivers proper manual transmission and brings better fuel economy as compared to a conventional system. This new VFR is going to be adequately equipped with new transmission with the brand release in Europe and North America. By 2010 the release is going to take place with sales being expected to be commenced in Japan.

The world’s greatest motorcycle with the dual transmission will feature some magnificent as well as light yet compact design on the bike. The existing engines will be substituted with a layout modification. The new transmission will be delivering new precise and elaborate acceleration coming along with the rider’s requirement. The electronic control technology will have some ensuring smoothness and seamless gears to change.

The new respond will have a 3-way operating system with different modes to switch on, as per choice. The acceleration control is one of the greatest aspects in technology that has been coming with the broad range situation, controlling the bike. Honda gradually wishes to expand the new transmission with more and more of the large displacement in its motorcycle. The new models are going to be circulated in more of the developing countries.

Honda will also want to bring out bikes that are more in tune with society’s needs at different times. The joy of motorcycling and the mobility that comes along with a joyful ride is going to be evident with their new ranges. The new transmission is going to be all about featuring the latest configuration with its independent and smoothly working clutches.

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