• February 17, 2010

Honda with Their Limited Edition Civic Type R Mugen 200

Civic Type R Mugen 200

Honda’s team has launched this new baby in a format of limited edition availability only. There are exclusive features in this Mugen that makes it incredible.

Photo by alratag twice again

Dealers throughout UK are delighted to host this and it should be released throughout UK in April. The limited equipments for Mugen would be available then. This model has been inspired through Euro’s high performance Type R model. The Mugen 200 is perfectly fitted for the former. There are exclusive body part materials that are unique and blend in rightly with the standard looks of the previous model.

The wheels, badges and other accessories totally compliment Mugen Euro. This has been one of the key priorities on how Type R model has been made. This is a special feature edition that brings some of the best of standard features on focus.


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