• January 6, 2010

Honda with Their New Power Equipments’ Announcements

Power Equipment

Honda has new announcement of its power equipments through their new 5 year warranty and announcement. They are bringing on great new features through the HRX Lawnmowers.

Photo by Jackgal
Photo by Jackgal

Honda Power Equipment brings about a 5 year warranty along with its HRX Power lawnmower. When you purchase this for residential and private use, this is applicable and also if it is used within United States. The purchase must be made on or after 1st January 2010.

This is a new warranty replacement that is going to bring about a 3 year coverage that is being offered through Honda with some of the finest powerful equipments and bringing in some new advancement in their HRX lawnmower series. The new warranty replacement covers over 3 years of coverage looking after. These are new, full lines of power equipments that happen to bring versatile effects on your daily life.

There are lawnmowers that bring about greater enjoyment with the added luxuries of warranties and such benefits. Steve Bailey of Honda Power Equipment brings about the new 5 year old warranty to add on the additional value with the consumers’ appreciation and durability in time. These are going to be full line of equipments with reliable and durable features. On purchasing these one is signing up for great, value added services.

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