• September 28, 2012

How to best secure a commercial van

Owning a commercial van comes with responsibility – you obviously have to get it insured, but making sure that you take the necessary measures to protect the van yourself and stop it from being a target for thieves will lower your premiums. You can also make sure it is in the best possible condition to prevent accidents. You should check your tyres and tread regularly, and install alarms or immobilizers as extra security measures.

Most vans nowadays have immobilizers fitted (a great device that prevents the ignition from being started unless the right key is used) but if your van is old, you can easily get this fitted.  A thief’s choice in a vehicle will always be about how quickly and easily they can get the job done, so deterrents are important. Parking the van in a garage overnight is much more preferable to leaving it on the road, and always making sure that you don’t leave valuables in plain sight such as on the seats is obvious but vitally important, and easily overlooked.

If you have a music system, get one with a detachable face, but don’t make the mistake of locking it in your glove compartment – take it with you! A glove compartment is the first place a thief will look, and if it’s locked, it will only encourage the thief to smash your dashboard to pieces.

Companies like Staveley Head, who you can visit at www.staveleyhead.co.uk, offer quotes online and compare over 30 van insurance quotes for you. You can buy your cover online, and have all of your documents delivered to you straight away, so getting your van insured has never been so quick and convenient. Other benefits you can get are up to 70% no claims bonus, and introductory discounts, and fire and theft cover as well.

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