• July 29, 2013

How To Buy And Use A Trolley Jack

trolley jackHaving a hydraulic trolley jack is an excellent option for a garage or vehicle. When you need to change the oil completely or change a tire, then a jack comes in handy. With the hydraulic mechanism, you have to put in minimal or no effort at all. If you are an auto enthusiast and like going on long journeys by yourself, a trolley jack is a good tool to carry around.

Trolley jacks are available in many lift capacities and sizes. The price varies as per these two parameters too. These jacks are portable and can fit in any garage or truck so that you can carry it on your travels. The capacities of lift vary from a mere two tons and goes up to over thirty tons, based on the model. Many hydraulic jacks also have wheels for easy transport. These can lift the vehicle to an average of six inches to one foot off the floor.

Finding a suitable trolley jack requires quite some effort. The first and foremost requirement is to ensure that the jack you purchase can lift your vehicle easily. Find out the exact weight of your car and buy a jack that can lift its weight. Visit many dealers and ask them about their prices. They will give you the best prices in order to make good business. Collect a few quotes and then compare them to get the best deal possible. Also, it is wise to look up for quotes on the internet as theses give you a good idea too.

If you own a car, then a 2 ton trolley jack is generally suitable and sufficient. Also ensure that the jack you purchase has a safety valve to avoid overloading. It is safe so that you do not get trampled underneath your car in case your jack happens to fail.

Once you buy a trolley jack, it is essential to know how to use it to lift your car. Here are the main steps to do so:

  1. Find an even surface to park your car. This will keep your vehicle form sliding off the trolley jack. It is also better to park on surface without gravel or grass but find a paved one instead. Let your vehicle cool down and ensure that the parking brakes are applied.
  2. Place a spot underneath your car to place the jack. Most cars have a separate place for this, which is marked in the user manual. Otherwise, you could use the frame.
  3. Once you have secured the jack in place, turn its handle and begin pumping it. This will raise it and consequently also lift your car. Ensure that it has been placed sturdily. Place the car at a suitable height for you to do your work.
  4. For additional protection while working under your vehicle, you must also use car stands. This will keep your car in place if it slips off the jack.
  5. Once you finish, raise the vehicle off the stands and slowly lower the jack by turning the handle.

A trolley jack is very useful when you are going on long journeys. If you are looking for reliable 2 ton trolley jacks, then you could look here.

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