• April 28, 2014

How to Choose the Best Driving Instructor for You

How to Choose the Best Driving Instructor for You

asdasdfasWhen it comes to learning to drive, it’s important that you choose a driving instructor who’s best suited to you. There are many ways you can do this, but this post outlines some of the best ways you can go about finding the right driving instructor. I made my decision based on the fact that he’d helped a couple of my family members to pass their test first time, and I hoped I would be the same – luckily, I was! Even though I never felt ready or like I could drive at all, I managed to pass my driving test first time. I owe a lot to the laidback yet supportive attitude of my instructor. On the day of my test, he told me the only thing standing between me and my new car, was me! He knew exactly what to say to motivate me, and you need to find somebody who’ll make you feel the same way. Let’s take a look at how you can find the perfect instructor:

Ask Friends for Recommendations

Your friends might be able to give you some good recommendations when it comes to choosing the right instructor for you. They may also be helpful when it comes to who NOT to go with. For example, my friend had around 18 lessons with an instructor and didn’t even touch on any maneuvers. She could drive perfectly – but she was no where near doing a 3 point turn or bay parking. I started learning the maneuvers on my second lesson. I felt thrown into the deep end, but in a good way. The only thing my friend did in those 18 lessons was an emergency stop…I did that on the day of my test! As you can see, many instructors do things differently. However, you need to be careful that your instructor isn’t just trying to get more money out of you by avoiding the maneuvers and important things you should be learning. You could even go with a driving school rather than an independent instructor, for example wimbledon driving school if you’re looking for driving lessons in Battersea.

Ask the Right Questions

Feel free to call up prospective instructors and ask them a few questions. What is their pass rate like? How many lessons do students have on average? You will probably get an idea of what they’re like as a person from speaking to them on the phone too.

See How You Get On With Them

You could always book a trial lesson with the instructor to see what you think of them. You might change your mind about somebody even after a fair few lessons, and that’s fine. You need to feel comfortable with your instructor, so find a new one if you don’t. They shouldn’t shout or get angry with you – mine was always very calm, even when I drove over a roundabout one day.

Compare Prices and Offers

Some instructors will offer various deals and prices. Most lessons will cost you around £20, but if you buy them in blocks of 10 you can sometimes get 1 free. Check out the different prices and offers in your area to find an instructor you can afford.

Good luck finding the perfect driving instructor!

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