• March 16, 2010

How to Save Money on a Hire Car

While a car hire can be the easiest thing in the world to do, there are some tips which you must keep in mind while getting a car hire.  and so on. Here are a few tips for that particular reason.

Photo by BuhSnarf

Firstly, there are often many hidden charges and fees which are involved often in getting a hire car and one needs to be constantly aware of what they are paying for or they might end up paying a huge sum of money for no reason at all. The company from which you are getting a car rental. might charge you extra for the gas or even things like extra fees and taxes which can really add up to quite a big amount and so one needs to be extra careful with these things.

Also, it is the best thing if you can bypass a pick up at the airport. Though it is all very nice and relaxing to get picked up at the airport there is often an extra airport rental fee that is charged which can go up to quite a big amount. Get some form of public transport from the airport to the hotel and then get the car hire. This will be more economical for you.

Do not take the insurance when it is offered to you. This sum can add up to quiet a big amount and if you find out, your auto insurance company back at home does cover auto rentals and so on. If that is taken care of then forking up a huge sum of money for insurance becomes even more redundant as well.

Lastly, try and go for the smaller vehicles because these cost the least and save you a whole lot of money. Usually bigger cars are more complex and you will often have to pay through your nose for stuff which you probably did not want in the first place. Try and look for the small and simpler vehicles for car rental, because these are usually the no nonsense ones which you can use.

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