Hybrid Sedan from Lexus: pics emerge

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Detroit auto show to be held next month and we can expect some more news (related to hybrid) from Toyota besides its redesigned Prius.

There are also news that Lexus, too, is developing its hybrid car that will utilize the engine and many other specifications of the Prius, but the style would be different.

Some websites have posted pictures of the Lexus hybrid prototype that was out for road testing.

According to the Internet report, this hybrid from Lexus will get the nameplate of 250h HS and it has the styling of the sedan finishing range with tailgate Pirus looks.

It’s being expected that this hybrid from Lexus will be available in the earlier next year as a 2011 model.

According to some auto experts, unlike other Lexus hybrids this vehicle has been designed basically to be fuel-thrifty and not quite performance-centered.

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