• May 12, 2012

Hyundai Direct Injection System Won “Yankee Technology Cup”

Soaring fuel prices is affecting everyone and people all over the world prefer those vehicles which offer them best fuel-economy. Global automobile manufacturers employed different technologies to present fuel economical vehicles to their loyal customers. Hyundai is shining among all and recently it won “Yankee Technology Cup” for its Outclass Direct Injection System.

Image by conhunter

New England Motor Press Association in collaboration with MIT presented this award to Hyundai. A Research Scientist in the MIT AgeLab Bryan Reimer said, “As a member of the MIT community that was involved in coordinating the selection process, I am very happy to see that Hyundai’s implementation of a fuel economy improving technology has earned them this year’s Yankee Technology Cup.”

Hyundai has become leading fuel efficient automobile manufacturer of USA. Thanks to its DI system that is facilitating customers to drive fuel economical cars. Director of Product Planning at Hyundai Motor America Scott Margason said “Hyundai, America’s most fuel efficient car company, is proud of its leadership in bringing DI engine technology to the market in such a big way and is committed to making further improvements in the fuel efficiency of high-sales-volume, gasoline-powered vehicles.”

Hyundai’s Direct Injection System is actually a gift for people who wish to drive fuel efficient cars and their dreams to own a fuel economical car is fulfilled by Hyundai with the integration of Direct Injection System in its vehicles. Former president of NEMPA Craig Fitzgerald said, “With gas prices on the rise, it’s heartening to see a manufacturer like Hyundai developing technologies that address the very real concerns of American households, without losing sight of the idea that a car should still be fun to own and operate.

Technology like Hyundai’s DI system is providing Hyundai owners with fuel efficiency rivaling that of hybrids, without the additional expense.”

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