• December 30, 2009

Hyundai Enhances Assurance for 2010

Hyundai Motor America is providing new sales support program for the American buyers. The American Automakers including Hyundai, have suffered most during the recession period. Now they are coming up with the new strategies to increase sales.

Photo by lee.ekstrom
Photo by lee.ekstrom

Hyundai initiated in January 2009, a unique consumer protection initiative. This bold initiative envisages the buyers of Hyundai can return their vehicles to the company if hit by economic uncertainties. This complimentary service is termed Hyundai Assurance and is all cost free.

Hyundai is extending this program through 2010. They advocate that costly purchase causes tremendous stress on customers who lose their income unexpectedly due to recession or any other reason link to it. So they can return the new vehicle and feel free. This new strategy prompted confidence among the Americans and Hyundai sales increased over 6% in 2009 and improved their market share.

Hyundai Motors America has extended the Hyundai Assurance to include America’s Best Warranty and 24-hour Roadside Assistance for 5 years of vehicle purchase. The CEO of the Auto Company claims that this assurance plan was different which is showing positive results in their favor. He further states that you can expect more facilities with the launch of all-new Tucson and Sonata.

We may mention here that Hyundai program was assimilated by many others including Airlines, retailers and other Auto Makers to improve their sales.

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