• May 17, 2012

Hyundai Introduces New and Improved Blue Link Mobile App

Hyundai launched new and improved mobile app for Blue Link Telematics Platform that will let all the subscribers to make best use of services of Blue Link with the help of gadgets that offers enhanced compatibility. This Blue Link Mobile Application is entirely modified in order to offer enhanced experiences to its users and you will be excited to know that it offers speedy navigation as well as groundbreaking features.

What is Blue Link?

Blue Link is a groundbreaking telematics solution of Hyundai that is complete blend of entertainment, information, service and safety.

Blue Link is based on next-generation telematics platform of Agero. Senior Vice President of Global Sales & Account Management at Agero Tom Metzger said, “This improved app demonstrates one of Agero’s core capabilities: developing customized user experience interfaces, from end to end, on behalf of our automotive OEM clients. In addition to increasing the Blue Link app’s capabilities, we made it more intuitive for users, while also extending the unique Hyundai brand experience to vehicle owners.”

Features of New Blue Link Mobile App

All New Blue Link Mobile App is designed on the basis of valuable feedback of customers. Following are some core features of this new mobile app;

  • Entirely modified interface and navigation.
  • Faster access to basic features via Swipe.
  • Control multiple functions of automobiles like locking and unlocking of doors, lights, vehicle start, horn remotely.
  • Manage many Blue Link based automobiles.
  • New Blue Link Mobile Application lets you enjoy several ground breaking features that include automobile diagnostics, parking timer, parking meter and car finder.
  • Blue Link Mobile App features speed dial buttons so that you can call for roadside assistance anywhere anytime.
  • Information about critical maintenance and monthly report can be accessed through a vehicle diagnostic screen.
  • You can also operate alerts and notifications remotely.

Usefulness of New Blue Link Mobile App

All-New Blue Link Mobile Application facilitate you in many ways; its navigation features are specially designed so that users can enjoy the features and services just with a single touch of Smartphone. New and improved carousel is particularly designed in order to avoid different steps, through shortcut buttons you can use vehicle diagnostics with a single touch.

Senior Group Manager of Blue Link Michael Deitz said, “We looked at how our customers use their Smartphones to enhance various aspects of their lives. We wanted to design an app that allows them to enhance their Hyundai ownership experience through Blue Link.”

For all those vehicles that features Blue link, Hyundai provides them trial-period as complimentary. Customers who will be qualified for obligation free auto renewal will get Blue Link Assurance for 1 Year and Blue Link Essentials and Guidance for 6 months. In addition, they will be offered several innovative features.


  • If you own Google Android or Apple iOS, you can access this application through Google Play or Apple iTunes.
  • BlackBerry Version of new Blue Link Mobile App will be available soon.

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