• January 15, 2010

Hyundai Motors America donating 1000 Winter Jackets to Detroit Children in combination with 14th Annual Urban Wheel Awards

During the extreme cold winter season where the children are struggling against the economic climate, Hyundai USA is supporting them by supplying 1000 winter jackets to overcome the extreme ends.

Photo by Scott Dukes
Photo by Scott Dukes

They are doing this in association with Focus: HOPE, a well recognized firm that is working hard for human rights and civil right, located in Detroit.

Hyundai will distribute winter jackets to children, families and several groups to the participants of the HOPE village initiatives.

Making them able to work and earn living during the extreme winter season and to make them more productive in southeast Michigan region. Hyundai is committed to build strong relations to build strong communities and serves more efforts humanitarian programs. Supplying with Winter Jackets, to the children of Detroit suffering from cold winters is just one good example of their intentions.

The distribution will be on the 14th day of Annual Urban Wheel Awards Show, the recipients will be announced by the Focus: HOPE, who will be delivering jackets to the children. There will be 1 coat for each recipient. Hyundai Motors USA has made a big step from automotive industry to help the needy people in order to grow the societies together.

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