• June 7, 2012

Hyundai Reveals Prices of 2013 Veloster

2013 Veloster Turbo models are also available at an affordable price

It’s time to Move On….new Veloster Turbo with improved styling, powerful engine is available at an affordable price. Hyundai has recently revealed the prices of Veloster and Veloster Turbo and you will be excited to know that these powerful vehicles now falls within the buying power of the majority of car buyers.

2013 Veloster Turbo

The2013 Veloster Turbo is the dream car of car lovers, it is equipped with 1.6L direct injected twin-scroll turbocharged engine. Normally twin-scroll turbocharger is used in expensive cars to make their engines truly powerful and performance engine but Hyundai acted differently this time and introduced it in its affordable cars. Power/weight ratio delivered by its engine is also appreciable; its EPA ratings are also amazing, its mpg value(manual mode) in city and highway is 26mpg and 38 mpg respectively.

The interior has also gone through several changes, aggressive body kit is also offered with Turbo Model.
Other prominent features are;

  •  Front Heated Leather Seats
  • Sport-Tuned Steering
  • Distinctive 18-inch Wheels
  •  LED Headlight Accent
  •  It is available in Matte-Grey paint
  • Convenience features are available.
  • TFT Screens
  •  Heated Sports Front Seats and much more.

Starting MSRP of Veloster Turbo is US $21,950.

Prices of 2013 Hyundai Veloster Models

Following is the detail information about the prices of of Veloster equipped with different powerful powertrains;

  •  Starting MSRP of Veloster equipped with 1.6L GDI Engine with 6-speed manual transmission is US$17, 450.
  •  Starting MSRP of Veloster (1.6L GDI Engine) with 6-speed EcoShift Dual Cluth Transmission is US $18,700.
  •  Starting MSRP of Veloster Turbo powered by 1.6L turbocharged engine is and available with a 6-speed automatic transmission is US$22, 950.
  •  Starting MSRP of Veloster Turbo with 6-speed manual transmission is US$21,950.

Hurry up….get your Veloster model now.

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