• September 7, 2009

Hyundai Unveils ix-Metro Hybrid Crossover Plan

Hyundai ix-Metro HybridThe latest invention that Hyundai is working with is the plan of the hybrid crossover concept. The preview has been working to bring about some of the greatest Hyundai plans. These details are about to be released at the immediate Frankfurt show. This crossover will be called i-Metro.

This is a futuristic concept with some of the greatest line ups that has come up in Hyundai’s history. It makes perfect fit post the Hyundai Elantra hybrid sedan. That car is already making waves and splashes in Korea with the promos. After Korea the car will hit the European and American market.

The 2010 Toyota Camry and the 2010 Ford Fusion are hybrid cars that make for the best of hybrid concepts are the probable competitors for the Hyundai hybrid cars.

 SCredit: flickr

These are the hybrid concept cars that will make for the best of the future of car building.

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