• April 24, 2013

Hyundai Unveils Mistra Concept for China Market

Mistra ConceptKorean car maker Hyundai Motor Company is making sure that they capture all the auto shows and trade exhibitions that can allow them to capture new markets and now Hyundai has announced the China exclusive model that they will launch in the Chinese market in the future. The all new Hyundai Mistra will be unveiled at the event today and will become one of the top mid-size family sedan at an affordable market price. Hyundai has not provided the market price of the sedan at the moment but the Korean car maker is sure that they will keep the price in the competitive range.

Hyundai claims that the new Mistra will be somewhere between Sonata and Elantra and will have all the features that are popular in the Chinese auto market. Hyundai said that the car will be designed specifically for Chinese consumers and this car will allow them to boost their presence in the Chinese market and offer something world class to the consumers at a price point that is not too pricey. Hyundai said that their partnership with Beijing Hyundai Motor Company BHMC has helped them to quickly cover many top cities in the nation and they would like to grow more in the future.

Hyundai said that the Mistra concept will be scheduled to go on sale towards the end of the year 2013 and will be mid-size sedan with 19 inch aluminum alloy wheels. The overall looks of the vehicle will be sporty and aggressive and offer better interior features which are important in the Chinese market.

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