• November 13, 2013

Important Features of an Off-Road Vehicle

Are you interested in some off-road capabilities for your next car? If so, you may want to swing by Toyota FJ Cruiser dealerships. This is a car that gives you all of the off-road aspects that you are looking for, such as a four wheel drive system, great ground clearance, and the like. If you want to go on trails or even climb the side of a mountain, this is exactly what you need.

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Even if you are not planning to take to the trails, it might not be a bad idea to get a car that can do it. Think about driving in the winter, when you can hit a lot of snow. What do you need the most? You have to have two things: ground clearance and four wheel drive. If you do, you can punch through the snow and be safe. This is nice whether you are driving to work or going on the back roads. The same things that help you on the trails can help you when the roads get tough and the weather is out of control.

Every high-quality off-road vehicle possesses an extremely efficient engine that can produce an optimum level of horsepower and torque. A strong engine helps the vehicle perform well in testing circumstances like mountainous environments. An good off-road car should have the potential to climb a terrain at a 60 percent angle and the ability to move across a terrain sideways without tilting over even if the slope is at an angle of 40 percent.

Another thing that an off-road vehicle may have is a set of skid plates. These are designed to help keep the car from being damaged if you are going over rocks or logs. In the winter, they keep the snow away from the engine, preventing rust. The plates protect the engine, so they heat up quickly, meaning you do not even have to worry about snow getting packed under them.

Some of the modern off-road cars come with an electronic parking brake which makes sure that the vehicle does not slip on slopes. A rollover sensing system is another modern technology that warns the driver about the dangers of tipping over.

It needs to be remembered that off-road vehicles are built with higher ground clearance and they have a higher center of gravity as a result. This means that there is always a greater chance of rolling over as compared to other vehicles, which is the reason why a rollover sensing system is an extremely important addition to this type of vehicles.

However, a number of cars that perform exceptionally off the road are not that great when it comes to on-road driving and they fail to compete against other vehicles. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you go through the features, pros and cons of a car before opting for it.

Let us go through a few qualities of a good off-road car and it is advised that you consider them before purchasing such a vehicle:

  • Large tires with deep open treads
  • A flexible suspension of the highest quality
  • A powerful engine that has the potential to generate a high level of torque and horsepower
  • Enough cargo space
  • Lighter, agile and fuel efficient
  • Efficient brakes that prevent any kind of slipping
  • A rollover sensing system

You can search for off-road vehicles before choosing one.

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