• May 19, 2013

Imprinted by the BMW Bug

BMW M6When there is a 2013 high school reunion for automobile manufacturers, Chrysler, Ford, Mercedes and the rest of the gang will be at the party early, discussing accomplishments and future goals, and gossiping about BMW. That is when BMW will roll in fashionably late, classier than ever with a projector playing rocky theme music. A video of BMW receiving every award they’ve ever received will play for the duration of the party and BMW will be crowned king and queen because that is how popular and ultimately how major BMW is. You don’t know where you’re going unless you know your history and BMW has raked in over 100 words between 2009 and 2013 so can only be going to the top.

With their website they want to include visitors into the BMW experience. It’s not fair to keep it all to themselves, so they feature a very common category called build your own. Clicking into this page you’ll see a platform to build your own customized vehicle, but the BMW way, using the checkbox feature. I emphasis how small this detail is, but how big a part it plays in the appeal of the site. It allows visitors to navigate conveniently, bringing up and pulling away their choices all on one page. Ultimate choice is at the click of a finger.

Ultimate enjoyment is also featured on the BMW website. It is in the vehicles themselves, go big, or don’t bother. To get the best out of a honeymoon and wedding you spend your life budget. To get the best out of life the most you can on a BMW car. It sounds obsessive but is it really?

Two incredible cars that are at the higher ends on the pay scale are the M6 gran Coupe and BMWs M6 Convertible. The M6 Gran Coupe it starts at 113,000 and features the M TwinPower Turbo V-8 engine ready to burst with 560 hp. As for the convertible it boats 0-60 in under 4.3* seconds with the M TwinPower Turbo V8 engine as well, which is the most powerful engine ever-fitted in a BMW.  The convertible starts at 115,500. Read the full review of the M6 at bmwrockville.com.

If you purchase a car like these two, you indeed are taking an expensive leap. But BMW is there to catch you; the features, performance, and customization available with each model will change your world, think I am bluffing, take a test drive in a BMW, and see if you bring the car back!


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