• February 17, 2011

Interesting Facts about Eco Friendly Cars – Green Cars

Eco-Friendly Cars – Green Cars

21st century is the age of revolution. Automobile industry is among those industries that progress enormously after technological advancement. Car manufacturers must have recognized the fact behind the rapid growth of countless vehicles running on the road is adding huge pollution to our environmental pollution. That’s why most of automobile companies are introducing environmental friendly cars e.g. electric, cell-powered, hybrid and solar cars. Check out some myths about these Environmentally friendly cars.

1. Myth-Green Cars are costly

If you are among those who believe that eco-cars are expensive, you are absolutely wrong. Check out these cars; Toyota Prius, 2008 Honda civic Hybrid, 2008 Mint Cooper, 2008 smart for two. These are less expensive cars. Well, if we talk about hybrid cars, these are bit expensive because hybrid cars give an option of alternative fuel source. It adds some cost to the price.

2. Myth-Green cars are small and uncomfortable

It is wrong to think that green cars are small & uncomfortable. Most of the eco-friendly cars are spacious. Let’s take the example of Toyota Highlander Hybrid, Ford escape hybrid; these cars are equally spacious and comfortable than any other car.

3. Myth-Green cars are most environmental friendly

Although Green cars reduce pollution, but these cars still pollute to environment to some extent. Hybrid cars use lots of gas as well and do pollute the air.

4. Myth-Green cars needs low maintenance

Green cars less pollute the environment but it does not mean these car don not need maintenance, in fact green cars are bit costly as compare to other cars from maintenance perspective e.g. electric cars operates on rechargeable batteries and replacement of battery is an additional cost.

5. Myth-Green cars are “Hot selling”

Apparently it seems to be green cars are very popular and most of the people in developed countries use preferentially. But reality is, only 3 % of people in UK & USA are currently using environment friendly green cars.

6. Myth-Green cars can not run at high speed.

If you are planning to buy a green car and someone has told you that you can not speed up a green car, do not listen to that person. As a matter of fact green cars can be used at any desirable speed like other cars.

However, these are facts, which everyone would like to know about the eco-friendly cars, we would also like to suggest some interesting tips for buying an eco-friendly cars. In case if these cool facts have changed your mind to switch over these hot and sexy green cars from your old car, just have a look to these tips to go green:

Tips to buy an Eco-Friendly Green Car

  • List down all the green cars that are available in the market.
  • Determine your price range.
  • If you select one of them, ask for EPA’s green vehicle guide and look for vehicle emission scores.
  • See the certificate of conformity and, look for the air pollution score indicated on it. The vehicles that emit less pollution, gets a high score.
  • Look for “manufacturer”, who uses “eco-friendly” paint to reduce pollution.
  • Prefer the vehicle that employs oxygen sensors.
  • Prefer the vehicle, whose plastic parts are suitable for recycling.
  • Prefer the vehicle, which has no-ozone damaging products.

Going green is a good move towards great life, to help our  nature Earth being get more polluted. We should think about the causes and solutions for Global Warming, being a human being, it is our primary responsibility to protect our planet from pollution. All of us should adopt a social responsible attitude, and protect our environment from hazardous pollution. In this way we can make this world a better place to live.


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