• September 18, 2012

It Starts with You-Customer Focused Campaign of the 2013 Honda Accord

“It Starts with You” surprised? It is the title of the new campaign of All-new 2013 Accord that is going to start soon. Vice President of Automotive Marketing at American Honda Motor Co. Inc Mike Accavitti said, “This campaign demonstrates how Honda’s deep understanding of the customer allowed our engineers to perfect the midsize sedan in the new Accord.

The new Accord excels in all areas that are important to the midsize buyer so we created an emotionally engaging launch campaign that delivers that message while showing what makes Honda different from the competition and the smart choice.”

It Starts with You

This awe-inspiring customer focused campaign is going to launch tomorrow, this multi-media campaign will focus on appealing and unique design of the 2013 Honda Accord as well as its features and performance. The title of this campaign represents the Honda’s Philosophy of care and concern towards its customers. The Honda Accord has always been the No 1 choice of people who love to drive a safe and stylish car equipped with groundbreaking features. It Starts with you will help Honda Accord to represent its new model in a better way.

Soon you will see this customer-focused campaign on your favorite TV Channels. Senior Vice President and Group Creative Director at RPA Jason Sperling said, “We didn’t want to show a commercial-perfect representation of life. Our characters have flaws. They get mad and pound the steering wheel. Sometimes they are happy, sometimes exhausted, sometimes frustrated or impatient. Sometimes they take their eyes off the road for a split second. Sometimes they just want a moment of peace.”

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