• January 2, 2009

Jaguar Injects Diesel into XF

European buyers of the Jaguar XF sedan now have the option of a more powerful updated 3.0L V6 diesel engine.

The new engine is to take place of the 207-hp, 2.7L diesel engine V6 being used for several years by Jaguar.

It was considered Jaguar’s loose point as compared to diesel engines used by competitors like BMW and Mercedes.

It’s available in two power ratings–a 236-hp unit that Jaguar expects will be the popular choice and a 271-hp S version for those who want a cat with a bigger growl.

The torque produced is now capable to accelerate the XF from 0 to 60 mph in a matter of just 5.9 seconds.

The new engine has piezo injectors that provide the latest generation of high-pressure fuel injection through 29,000 psi common rail system. The system handles the fuel delivery while particulate filters deal with soot reduction.

A pair of dual turbochargers operates in sequence, with the larger blower kicking in above 2,800 rpm thus enabling the engine to meet the Euro V emissions standards.

The new diesel engine is behaving so cool that it is expected to make its way into the larger XJ and XK saloons in the future.

Though Jaguar hasn’t made any pronouncements yet, the pressure to boost fuel economy in the U.S. market could mean there is potential that we’ll see this diesel here in a few years with combined fuel economy rating of 35 mpg which is 12% better than the older engine.

Last but not the least, the engine’s carbon dioxide emissions also reduced by 10 percent to 179 g/km.

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