Jaguar Wins Two Awards in a Night at the 2014 Scottish Car of the Year Award

Jaguar Wins Two Awards in a Night at the 2014 Scottish Car of the Year Award
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For Jaguar things are going pretty smooth as their new F-Type has managed to get quite a lot of attention. At the 2014 Scottish Car of the Year Award, Jaguar managed to bag not one, but two awards in the same night. While the all new Jaguar F-Type won the best Coupe award the new Jaguar XE took the top spot for Best Design and Innovation. Many car experts believe that both these cars are certainly going to put Jaguar on the top of the list of innovative automakers across the globe.

Jaguar F-Type has already been receiving positive response for the kind of exterior aggressive styling it has and the kind of performance it shows up. Many experts at the show mentioned that Jaguar F-Type is a modern classic and certainly remains the winner in its category. On the other hand, XE has the best design that is hard to find in the automotive industry. The new Jaguar XE is not just a good looking car, but intelligent as well as it gets various technical enhancements that improves the driving experience. The award event took place in St. Andrews at the weekend and was attended by car experts and professionals from across Scotland and the world.

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