• May 12, 2009

Japanese Car Claims Top Spot in One Lap of America

nissan gtrIn 2009 One Lap of America, it happened first time that a Japanese car emerged as a winner of it. At this weekend, Will Taylor got the trophy for its 2009 Nissan GT-R after a nine racetrack odyssey of Lap Dog, Lap Puppy and Steve Rankins.

The Nippon car first marked the victory when the event was first ran in 1986 and in the same event Toyota Celica from rallyist Karl Chevalier beat Audi 5000s wagon of well-known racer John Buffum.

The year was taken off by defending champion Drew Wikstrom and mark Davia in their Porsche 911 Turbo, a new winner was quite certain, but after sometime and it was quite evident that powerhouse of Stuttgart would take away the  stage once again.

The #3 Team Cannonball GT-R became the cause of stunning all the new comers with its great consistency. After besting from gremlin, Mark Pombo and Tom Long seemed to fell by the wayside.

The #3 GT-R showed quite consistency in performance throughout the week while setting the best ever performance of OloA wet skidpad and won event at Talladega Grand Prix Raceway, Turfway Park, Daytona International Raceway and others.  Many victories that may take place during this year under really tough competition appear like a walk off.

Source: AutoBlog

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