• April 18, 2013

Lexus and Toyota Cover 70% Hybrid Vehicle Sales

Toyota_Lexus_Hybrids_001The popularity of hybrids have been growing for the past few years and therefore many car makers around the world are now focusing on better hybrids that can allow them to make better income. Toyota and Lexus have remained among the top car makers that have focused on selling more hybrid vehicles in the North American market. Now, Toyota and Lexus has announced that they have sold more than 70% of the hybrid vehicles in the US market which makes them among the top auto makers that have sold more hybrids in the market.

Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc has made an announcement that they have sold around 5 million hybrid vehicles worldwide and they along with Lexus have been selling more hybrids in the last few years. The company said that they have sold around 20 million hybrid vehicles so far and that means that they have cut down around 34 million tons of CO2 emissions compared to the gasoline powered vehicles. Toyota also said that as per their research CO2 emissions have been the major reason for climate change occurring across the planet and therefore they would like to focus on better car technologies.

Toyota and Lexus said that with the number of hybrid vehicles that they have sold in the market they have also managed to save 3 billion gallons of gasoline compared to only gasoline powered vehicles. Some of the reports also claim that with more than 50 different brands across the world hybrid vehicles are saving around 500 million gallons of gasoline every year in the US market alone.

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