• July 27, 2010

Lexus Hybrids Going over 9 Billion

Since its launch in the last 5 years, Lexus Hybrid RX 400h SUV, has come to cross 9 billion kilometers. This milestone has been achieved by the 4 Lexus models featuring LS, GS, RX and HS Line. This feat has been made through the circumnavigation of the globe for over 224 thousand times.

Photo by syndrom

The chief executive Tony Cramb has set up through this great milestone along with the testament to Lexus’ unique hybrid opportunities. The new features included in this line have also met with other hybrid vehicle rivals. The similar companies have been working with their own independent hybrid models. However the 9 billion kms has been no easy feat. So this has been a fantastic start for Lexus.

The new innovation to hallmark Lexus’ facilitation has been brought to create the new designs along with the derivations from the proven Hybrid techniques. The trusted driveline that has been developed has been a great deal for the new Lexus innovation. Lexus is thoroughly committed to the new hybrid model along with numerous other developments that are being studied through the other developments.

The new pipeline has had several ways to include the whole-new CT 200h in the coming year. Lexus is thus leading the roadway to bring new looks and forwarding of journeys through continued offerings. This is a consumers’ viable as well as reliable and powerful option that is coming through the hybrid.

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