• April 1, 2010

Lexus’s New Vehicle at the 2010 New York International Auto Show

Lexus CT 200h

The exhibition now has a very stylish overall feel this year along with an extensive range of other factors that have made this event such a huge hit in general. Also very interestingly set, there is going to be a very well spread out and stylish black and grey carpet entry.

Photo by Lexus CT 200h

Here the Lexus has organized the system of a concierge who will ensure that all the visitors will be properly and well guided all through the entire exhibition so that they know what is on offer.

“We are thrilled to showcase our premium vehicles with this distinctive presentation,” said Andrea Lim, Lexus Events Marketing Manager.  “This exhibit illustrates a new and modern atmosphere with an emphasis on our environmental commitment while showcasing the newest products.”

This Lexus exhibition has been specially designed by Michigan-based George P.Johnson Company and is a very well spread out affair, not to mention extremely stylish. Also importantly, their exhibit features a lot of recycled material as well as useful products to make the entire process extremely stylish.

At the very centre of this widely spread out exhibition will be the amazing and spectacular Lexus CT 200h which is a hybrid vehicle that is going to be on display in North America. The CT200h will lead the Lexus exhibit as far as the entire fuel economy and safety measures are concerned. An interactive short film will also be screened to showcase an interactive session with customers.

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