• May 18, 2010

Lexus with Their New Consumers System

Lexus CT 200h Dark Ride

Lexus has created their new consumers system to co-star along with their newly produced, interactive movie. The launch of this new advertising campaign has been with high-def interactive movie called the “Dark Ride”.

Photo by tenagapria

This is a film that is celebrating the presence of Lexus along with CT 200h with the new hatchback system. The Lexus is the piloted version and the film has been made by Norman Reedus of the Boondock Saints. Dave Nordstrom of Lexus has been presenting their marketing association with some of the very important consumers and the co-starring role in the fun feature is getting out there to expose some of the best interactive paces along with the new expositions. The guiding drive through CT would be bringing a new series of adventures along with consumer exposures. The short film “The Darker Side of Green” has been completely different to the way hybrids have been usually explored.

The film has been launched through www.lexusdarkride.com with the trailers being released across movies theaters across US as well. The powerful gasoline mated engine for electric motor fuel with empowered hybrid batteries, has been one of the most incredible releases from Lexus.

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