• January 2, 2009

Lincoln MKS and MKT to come with Ford park-assist technology

If you have to get around the block many times or you often drive extra few blocks, to keep yourself away from Parallel Parking, you may get enough help by pushing just few buttons.

The coming MT crossover and MKS sedan from the Lincoln MKS are going to become the first products that will receive Ford parking assistant technology.

In this system some ultrasonic sensors have been used at different sites of the vehicle that will help to find out the available space for parking and lead the cars towards the right slot as well as you can also view the approaching traffic.

The driver just need to work with brake pedals and lever and all the steering is performed by the system.

According to Ford, this new ultrasonic technology is more accurate and safer than those self-parking systems which are based on cameras and that can be seen in the Lexus LS sedan.

It has electric power supported steering that has been reckoned as the main component of this system. This steering system is also being narrated as to boost up to 5% fuel economy. According to Ford, this is because of a little load from hydraulic pump (belt driven) on engine.

This new park-assisting system will be available in the Lincolns during the coming summer and Ford also has plans to spread this tech in other lineups too.

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