• June 20, 2009

Lincoln still holds its value, sells for $1 million at Tulsa auction

Lincoln Boat Tail SpeedsterThe prestigious 1936 made Lincoln Boat Tail Speedster that was customized according to the tastes of Howard Hughes was sold for $1 million at an auction at Leake Car Show and Auction on the 13th of June in Tulsa.

The sizzling blue and polished aluminum car was the centre of attraction at the sale that raked in $12.2 million and it attracted almost 11,000 people to the three day mega event.

It is a known fact that Boat Tail is indeed a unique and stylish car. It started its life as a conventional Lincoln model K V12 limo before it was customized on the request of the popular billionaire Hughes.

This sale also recorded the highest single tally in the event’s overall history in Tulsa. Apart from this, there were also a slew of other vehicles that were sold at the auction including the 1936 K Brunn Cabriolet.

Source: autoweek

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