• March 6, 2009

Little Tenderness Can Turn Your New Car Into a Real Long-term Partner

volvo_p1800_2Irv Gordon always loves driving and it’s the Volvo P1800 that he got in just $4,150 in trade during 1966.

After retiring from teaching, Gordon used to cover 125m with its second-hand new partner and often on the way to Atlanta for lunch and then again on its way to home at Long Island NY.

Even now after so many years, Gordon makes many trips to the West Coast and Las Vegas each year.

Gordon now is considered an undisputed king in the world of high-milers and he owns the car with which he has accumulated over 300,000 miles.


The odometer of his Volvo had turned more than 26times and in the mid-January, the car covered nearly 2,676,045 total miles.


When it was asked what kept things running for you and your car, Gordon told that if you show little tenderness it can turn your new car into a real long-term partner and that was the secret of his long commitment to its road partner.

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