• November 14, 2009

Look out for the Siemens Smart Chopper

There could perhaps be nothing more suitable for the American audience to watch other than a show about bikes and choppers to touch the chord of masculinity and that that all empowering free wiling spirit that most men consider the country to be all about. ‘American Chopper’ has become one of the most watched reality TV shows ever since its commencement and it owes its popularity to the fact that the show is about choppers, bikes and more choppers.

 sPhoto by gimmeahug

The plot of the show is that it deals with the daily lives of a metal workshop for bikes and choppers called the Orange County in New York which is run by this duo of father and son. They work with motorcycles and choppers for customization and building and for most men there is hardly anything more masculine to watch on TV than this. The show has been running now for six seasons straight and seems to show no signs of slowing down. The main reason for its success is because it is in the reality show format so the audience gets a real glimpse into the industry of making and manufacturing choppers and bikes and the kinds of lives the people involved in the process lead. Also, the father and the son –Paul Teutul, both have the same name, provide great sources for entertainment in the show and help in making it an even greater success.

Another recent development that has generated a lot of talk about the show is that the new Siemens Smart Chopper is apparently going to be featured on the show soon. This would be the first customized electric chopper to be shown on the show and thus is a great feat. The chopper itself has been quite in the limelight lately. This is mainly because of all the promotional feats that it is going through of trade shows and fairs and advertisements. This has been successful in getting bike enthusiasts talking and excited about the show as well. The show has dealt with lots of brands and kinds of bikes and choppers in the past, this one has created the most stir.

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