• January 12, 2009

Luxury MKT- A Challenge for Luxury Crossovers

Lincoln MKT ConceptFord will be offering its new MKT in late summer for dealerships.  MKT falls in the line of Ford’s Lincoln. This new car is coming up with many unique and new features to bloom the market.

This enhanced version of the car was long ago due, as the sale of the full size utility cum sports car declined to 5.2 percent. Comparatively, the sale of crossovers has altogether increased.

With MKT, we can choose amongst the two engines that are offered. One is 3.7 liter V6, 267 horse power, and the other is 3.5 liter V6 ecoboost with 350 horse power. The sun roof has fixed glasses with built-in sun shade with an optional power roof.

In length, MKT has a similar size to Lincoln Navigator. The bumpers are of a new “zero offset” design, making the car a divine beauty with all the elegance of a classic sober look. Hand stitched leather decorates the interior. The car features three sitting rows with one-touch power optional seats. The driving seat row comes with 60:40 split.


Ford has also announced that this giant will also be accompanied with lots of electronic features such as pre loaded brake system to avoid collision, cruise control, blind spot indicator, and a parking assistant.

Group marketing manager for Lincoln Mike Crowley says, “For sure, the MKT is a niche player,”


Style and efficiency are taken special care of, as stated by Mike, “In this segment, styling is key. Safety is key. And it has to be fun to drive with ride comfort, expressive styling and a luxurious interior. That’s the MKT.” Also exclaimed by chief designer for the crossover, Gordon Platto, “This is where we are going with the looks … and the quality.”

With the new MKT, it is hoped that it will beat all the contemporary competitors like Cadillac SRX, Mercedes Benz, MDX, Audi Q7 and the likes.

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